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Rules for the Tapas Competition of the Americas

1.- Espacio Gourmet is organizing the first Tapas Competition of the Americas.

2.- To participate, the following requirements must be met:
•       Be a professional cook over 21 years old, verified by working in a restaurant, hotel, or catering service.
•       Be currently employed with the establishment open and operational at the time of the competition.

3.- Participants must submit the official pre-registration form with all required details and wait for the organization’s response.

4.- Once approved by the organization, each participant may submit one original and unpublished tapa, with ingredients, procedures, and a photograph, using the official competition format.

5.- The recipe form must detail ingredients for 8 servings.

6.- Each tapa must not exceed a cost of $1.90 USD per unit for all ingredients.

7.- The recipe form must include a photograph of the tapa presented on the intended serving or decorative element.

8.- Participants must also submit a video (recordable on a cell phone) less than 1.5 minutes long, in horizontal format, introducing themselves and explaining their tapa. The video can be sent via WeTransfer or a similar platform (Link to the sample of the video).

9.- Documentation must be emailed to ([email protected]), including a copy of a valid passport.

10.- The registration opens on April 25, 2024, and closes on August 17, 2024, at midnight (Mexico City time).

11.- A committee of professional chefs and technical organizers will select 14 participants from all submitted recipes to advance to the final round.


Final Round:

12.- The 14 selected candidates will be joined by the winner of the 2024 National Pinchos and Tapas Competition of Mexico, totaling 15 participants, who will meet in Querétaro, Mexico, from September 20 to 22, 2024.

13.- All selected candidates must have a valid passport with at least 8 months before expiration.

14.- Flights, meals, and accommodation during the competition days will be covered by the organization (participants will share a room with another participant of the same sex).

15.- Each selected participant will be sponsored by a local establishment, which must be informed in advance about the tapa to be prepared and will provide the necessary ingredients, except for very local ingredients that the participant must bring.

16.- Participants must wear the competition-provided chef’s coat during all public events and competition phases.

17.- Participation order and days will be determined by a public draw.

18.- Each participant will prepare their submitted tapa in their assigned kitchen space, with 5-minute intervals and a maximum of 25 minutes for the final preparation of 8 servings.

19.- Exceeding the 25-minute preparation time will result in disqualification.

20.- Timing will be monitored by a designated floor judge.

21.- Of the 8 prepared servings, 7 will be for the judges’ tasting, and 1 for press photography and later exhibition.

22.- The tasting jury will consist of renowned national and international gastronomic figures, with one acting as Jury President.

23.- Two floor judges will supervise the competition and report any incidents to the Jury President and technical director.

24.-Tasting judges will score based on flavor, originality, presentation, and commercial viability.

25.- After the competition, the jury will meet privately to finalize scores and announce the top 5 finalists.

In case of disputes or ties, the Jury President has the deciding vote.

27.- Participant Obligations:

–  Attend all events requested by the organization.

– Follow competition rules and participation order.

– Collaborate with their sponsoring establishment to develop and teach the tapa recipe for future sale.

– Strictly avoid interaction with any judges outside the kitchen set.

– The competition runs from September 22. Participants must attend the participation draw on September 21 and the closing ceremony and winner announcement on September 22 at 8:00 PM at the competition venue.

– Winners must participate in press interviews, related events, and support their sponsoring establishment. They must engage in all activities requested by the competition organizers.

– The top 3 will represent their country at the World Tapas Championship in Valladolid, Spain, from November 10 to 13, with all expenses covered.

– The fourth and fifth place winners will be alternates and may also be selected to compete in Valladolid under the same conditions. The jury may also propose the 2024 National Pinchos and Tapas Competition of Mexico winner (if not in the top 5) to join the selection phase in Spain.

28.- The organization reserves the right to postpone or modify the competition due to force majeure.

29.- Registration as a candidate, implies knowledge and acceptance of these Regulations.



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